The whole session was an inspiring and delightful experience, starting with the pre-session, when we could wait the meeting to start while we were enjoying a private concert with our fellow toastmasters Juan Carlos and Alba Lucia.
Then the session spun around the art of being grateful. Our amazing TMOD Amy inspired us explaining the meaning of the word. On one hand “the quality of being thankful”, but also “the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”
We were also amaze with the speeches delivered by a guest speaker for another Toastmasters club about the new educational program, and the one delivered by Victor piqué called “Happy and grateful”.
And to briefly remind the tips provided by Amy about the attitude of gratitude:
1. Look for the positive thing when facing difficult situations.
2. Be grateful for what you have.
3. Train your brain by having a gratitude journal.
4. Daily tell someone how much you appreciate him or her.
5. Prepare and eat your meals with gratitude.
There is no doubt that those are powerful and useful pieces of advices.
Personally what I enjoyed the most is the atmosphere of the entire session, the generosity and readiness of the members and the possibility of being part of such amazing club.

Our second English session of the season took place online. It began with our club president, José Manuel, reminding us to work with our mentor on our Pathway. Also, he introduced a new member, David Negrete, to our club. Our toastmaster this evening was Juan Carlos Durán, who presented the theme, “the victory is in…

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This was the first session of the season 2020-21! Lots of changes in everyone’s lives with the pandemic. Unfortunately, we still must do our sessions online for safety reasons, but as our president wisely said: what an opportunity to nail public speaking behind the screen! Right? Surely, we all rather to meet each other and…

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