And finally, on Monday, 6th of June we talked about HOLIDAYS!


Mario M. (VPE) opened the session and welcomed new member: Yuko S (Japan), and new visitors Willy and Tony (both USA). After while Alba Lucia H. (Club President) as a Toastmaster explained the program of today, which was about…. HOLIDAYS, which all we need so much!


Who doesn´t want holidays?


Even out excellent evaluation team was asking for holidays, as soon as possible. This team was led by Jana S. (General Evaluator) and Andrea G. (Timekeeper), Susanna I. (Ah-counter) and our enjoyable Juan (Grammarian).


The first speech was presented by Victor P.


Victor, in his 2nd speech showed charming self-confidence and strong tone of voice. Victor talked about the education and explained the difference between the class room education (formal) and self-study (informal). His engaging statement “study, study and study” by Vladimir Lenin, earned lots of applause in the public. Victor has a great attitude and talent to explore.


The second speech was delivered by Susie, C.


I can´t believe it was her only 3rd speech! She presented amazing experience and professionalism. Her stage presence, stage movements and tone of voice were fascinating! She talked about how to communicate with animals. She gave lots of interesting examples and it was very entertaining to listen to her speech. Bravo Susie!


The 3rd speech, given by Angel J. and it was heart-breaking.


Angel talked about his life experience when working too much. I am sure, many of us already faced similar “work crisis”, but none of us want to talk about it. But, Angel was confident enough to talk about his life choices and struggling. Angel, you deserve a big applause once again!


Finally we got to the Table Topics led by our charismatic Juan Carlos D. As always, his exemplary role (all we should learn from Juan Carlos) was very absorbing and funny. This time the table topics were played by Yoko, Garret and Patric. Table topics are not easy and requires improvisation skills, but our new “cadets” showed they could do it. Bravo guys! You did a great job!


At the end of the session our club president, Alba Lucia, congratulated to Angel J, Susie C. and Joan P. for delivering 3 speeches (each of them). Angel, Susie and Joan are almost on the half of the way to reach a Competent Communicator program!


Thank you very much to all for such a successful session!

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