Xmas, the time of the year to gather a large family.

And the Sagrada Familia Toastamsters Club´s family was there, on our Dec. 1st. session.

The head of the family for the evening, Mario Mera (the Toastmaster), inviting us to have a hilarious time at our coming Christmas party on the 5th. It´s a deal! We will!

Starting the celebrations  was Paul Conde, with his #6 speech : La muerte y yo.

Paul, in a very meaningful and brilliant manner showed us his first experience with death and encouraged us to share more time with our loved ones, to enjoy the after meals, to get rid of the mobile phone while we are sharing with the family, because, as he recalled: “El dia que nos morimos, no nos llevamos ni los zapatos puestos”.

Then there was Willian Gregoire, sharing in his speech #4, his and his son’s “Passion for football” that led William to look for a good football school for his son. Making us realised, in a very funny and graphic way, the different types of people (children and adults) that we can find in that game. From the leaders, the strong, the fighters to the ones that don’t care at all among the players, (children), and from the demanding ones to the ones that don’t care at all either , among the parents, that make school football a worthwhile experience to watch.

But the most hilarious time (in my opinion) came through the hands of Jana Stumke, who made some of the Christmas greetings calls she had planed, on the stage. We could hear her speaking to her grandparents, and cousins, with a great variety of voices and tones that made her speech #6, “Christmas congratulations”, remarkable, and let us with a huge smile in our faces.

Leading the table topic session was Victor Piqué, who took the 3 volunteers (Aleix, Maria and Alba) to share their experiences when manipulating others for their better.

It wouldn’t had been a great session without the help of the General evaluator’s team, Juan Carlos, Brigitte, Alhely and Carolina, that let us dying to see each other again at the Xmas party and on the 15th of December, our last session of the year. So will  have the opportunity to share among guest and members more of these life experiences.  See you soon!

Alba Lucia Hincapié

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