In our last session we could travel with Carolina Wagner as Toastmaster. And that was indeed the theme of the session: Travelling! She was a great travel guide.

The first speaker of the session was Sofia Seinfeld, who gave her second speech named “What image we have of our body?”. Sofia explained us how the ideal body has changed over time. Everyone wants to change something of his or her body, but we have to accept and love our own body. Sofia also explained us some tricks to improve our body image. Thanks Sofia! The next time we look ourselves at the mirror we will think about your interesting advices.

The second speaker was Mercedes Basso, who shared with us her third speech.  She made us travel to Argentina with her explanations about “empanadas argentinas”. Mercedes explained us the origin of that typical product and shared with us the reason why she loves them.

And the last prepared speech of the night came with Victor Piqué, who showed us his ninth speech, titled “Manipulate”. He explained us the difference between using manipulating in a good sense or in an unfair manner.


Those speeches were respectively evaluated by Gemma Pallerola, Joana Sanz and Joan Fabregat. All of them did constructive evaluations to help Sofia, Mercedes and Victor improve as public speakers.

The Table Topic Session, leaded by Concepción Marín as Table Topic Master, was in accordance with the theme of the session. Three brave voluntaries improvised a speech with the words suggested by Concepción. Laura Ribas did a great improvised speech with a happy astronaut in Barcelona, Oliver showed us a scared Popeye in the forest and Iñaki arranged a speech with surprise, Jesus and the beach.

And it wouldn’t had been a great session without the help of the General Evaluator, Mario Mera, and his team, Robert Koba, Andrés Vázquez and Susie Catrona Hunt.

At the end of the session, Joan Fabregat, a member of Sagrada Familia Toastmaster club and also the Division Director, gave to the President of the Club, Alba Lucía Hincapié, the ribbon “Home of the division director”. Thank you Joan! Our club will always be your home.

Congratulations to all the participants! We are looking forward to see you in our next session next Monday, October the 26th!

Gemma Pallerola

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