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New Year, New Challenges

Juan Carlos Duran as a Toastmaster started with a question, how do you feel about this year? I think we all started with the wishful thinking that 2021 will be different and better than 2020.  As Juan Carlos say we all have the opportunity to dream and this time is a very inspiring.  

22 was the magical number of people participating in this first meeting of this year.  But most importantly we had guests!!! we had a lot of Guests!!  Desideri Sala, Felix Gol, Mischa Herbrand, Jessica Breitenfeld, Eurgenia Curà, Tania Vanessa Yordan, Michael Chang, Rupinder Singh, Nuria Cistué and Jean Marie Fayette.  Coming from different corners of Europe and overseas.  

Eva Ayet, gave us a master speech about the popular topic of vaccines. The scope, the time and the cost were the keystones of the speech.  It was clear to all of us how the process of creating a vaccine for Covid 19 has been so different from the normal vaccine development process.

“Worry less, Work less and judge less other people” this was the new year’s resolution for Victor Piqué.  Victor as a professional, old member of toastmaster did a profound and good evaluation of Eva’s speech.  

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Another marvelous speech was done by Alba Lucia with the title “CAVA”.  Great mantra and advice from the speech: “Picture it in your mind and you will have it in your hand”. 

Roberto Sbrolla was absolutely amazed by this practical speech which is just wonderful.

Jessica Breitenfeld was great doing an enthusiastic speech and very inspirational. She questions the idea of a successful job in life, explaining why you could be a “Dream Waitress” and at the same time feel absolutely wonderful.  She recommends that you question your job aspirations and make sure that whatever job you do make people feel comfortable and nice when you are present.

Jean Marie Lafayette qualified the speech as great, well paused and extremely personal and touchy.

Our creative time keeper surrounded herself by red apples, green flowers and a yellow wall to signal the limits and the end speeches of our speakers.

Table Topic games!!!

Now welcome to the fun part!!!  Sandra was great inviting participants on improvised speeches. She asks guests to explain what would they say to people if they were objects for 2021.  So Tania turned into sanitizer, Rupinder turned into phones and Michael turned into masks.

Scarlet Vazquez, as general evaluator was praising Marcel as acting President for welcoming so many guests and the technical follow up on the general management of the meeting.  

Marcel wish goodbye to all as Acting President and hope all guests come back again.

Thanks, by Jaume Adrover 11/01/2021

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