Isn’t it hard sometimes to communicate with your housemates or your clients?… our last session was all about communicating with strangers! From a former Brazilian TC actress to a group of Okupas in Granada, we had so much fun with the weird situations people from our club encountered while living with strangers.

 From the versatility of an Argentinian to keeping your stuff tidy Marie Kondo-Style

Our amazing Argentinian rooky Damian open the prepared speeches section with his Ice Breaker and it had an amazing title Pingüinos, castellers y pizza (Penguins, castellers and pizza. An Ice Breaker is the first speech someone presents after joining a Toastmasters club which is open for the speaker to introduce her or himself (learn more about the Ice Breaker here). We learned about the versatility of an Argentinian, multimedia, music festivals, teaching… it is not always football, right?

Followed by this, Eva truly convinced us to better organize our clothes, our kitchens and everything really because as the title of her speech explained happiness comes after the order (La Felicidad después del orden). Marie Kondo is a book writer who teaches about the concepts of order and tidiness, and Eva, as part of her teaching pathway in Toastmasters ‘Persuasive Speaking’, persuaded us to imagine the lifestyle that we want; get rid of the belonging that we don’t truly need (always thanking them before give them away) and; organize our stuff by category together with our family just like Marie Kondo suggests.

“It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.” – Mark Twain

Do you know that telling a personal story helps engaging with other people by creating empathy and trust? This is what Alba explained to our four volunteers as part of the Impromptu Speaking section of the session, we had amazing short speeches with Marcel selling us a salt lamp; Joana a measuring tape; Max a fat Buda and; finally, Carlos convinced us to buy a little wooden box

Positive feedback is always part of a Toastmaster’s session

As usual at the end of the session we had a very thorough evaluation. David invited us to use a pause as a fruitful resource in our speeches. Roberto pointed out some beautiful usage of the language utilized during our session. Sergi had a very keen control of the time. And finally, the general evaluator of the session, Juan, explained the importance of the different sections of our sessions, highlighted the positive points and also invited us to improve every day to be better leaders and better communicators.

So, if you want to improve the way you talk to your clients or simply want to have a better understanding with your housemates? join a Sagrada Familia Toastmasters session for free, just click on the link here.

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