Welcome to a new session of Sagrada Familia Toastmasters (TM). Today our president, Jose Manuel Gutiérrez, explains to us the pressure he had thinking about if the project he was working on will finish on time or not. Finally, with a team Building Meeting taking a Beer was much easy to understand each other. So, the lesson for all of us was “communication” is very important for all of us!!!

Marcel Muntaner, the Toastmasters of the session, started with the message “Try again or fail better”. He used this advice to tell us how he is going to continue improving in online communication, a very important topic nowadays. He explained to us the parts of a session in TM. Moreover, he gave us a lot of advice to improve our online meetings, sounds, background, webcam, visual contact, etc.

Our general evaluator, Víctor Piqué, explained to us how each member prepares his/her role before the session, to control the participation of the different speakers. This team was composed by:

  • The grammarian (Juan Escobar), who will control the good use of grammar during the session propose the word “gung-ho”, an American word proceeding from China that means “enthusiastic about doing something”.
  • The timekeeper (Damián Micenmacher), who will control the time used during the speeches.
  • The Ah-Counter (Sandra González), who will take note of the annoying sounds during the session.
  • The blogger (Eva Ayet) will summarize the session to publish on the blog and Facebook.

Scarlet Vázquez, speech’s was focused on the Communication style “Purple, yellow, red and blue”. She gave a speech about precognitive styles of communication, the purple (dreamers, what), the yellow (pictionalist, when), the red (rationalist, when), the blue (sensationist, why). All of us use the 4 colors, but everybody has more of one or other depending on our communication style.  Her speech was evaluated by Mercedes Ruiz, how did a very good and constructive evaluation of Scarlet’s speech.

Amy Dara Hochberg delated us with an icebreaker, the first time for her in Spanish, with an “Elevator pitch”.  She explained to us the 3 objectives of these speeches:

  1. The message
  2. The story with key data
  3. The ask, (end with an open question or a call to action).

20-30 seconds in an elevator speech. Her speech was evaluated by Alba Lucía Hincapié, giving emphasis in the stories, the structure, and the importance of correctly translate the information to another language.

Roberto Sbrolla conducted the table topic session of the night, the part of the session for improving our impromptu speeches. This time the idea was to practice “elevator pitches”.

Finally, the session finished with a very complete and interesting report of the evaluation team to give all of us tricks and advice to improve our communication style.

Marcel finished his role as a TM asking to us to continue trying again 😉

So, if you want to improve the way you communicate in front of a camera or in-person meetings, join a Sagrada Familia Toastmasters session for free, just click on the link here.

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