Are Fun & Mindfulness compatible?

Although it may seem difficult, at SAGRADA FAMILIA TOASTAMASTERS CLUB, they are! Keep reading to see why.

Last Monday 6th of October we had the perfect session, starting with Ljudmila Purhonen taking us to “Port Aventure” in her speech Nº 3, to enjoy the main attractions and her favourite – The roller coaster – (which is not main, I have to say), we had lots of fun.

But then, came to the stage Agnés Perez, inviting us to relax after so much excitement, with her also Nº 3 speech: Mindfulness.  She explained us the importance of being conscious of our thoughts and of quieting and training the mind to bring peace, happiness and satisfaction to our lives.

And bringing us back to earth, Iñaki Eguiarte taught us how to give our fellow ROSEs , in the simplest form: EVALUATING. This, as Iñaki said, motivates the assessed speaker and encourages him/her to improve, to learn and also develop leadership skills, and gaining confidence for the evaluator. And for him the easiest way to give a ROSE to a fellow toastmaster is wearing a GLOVE.

(ROSE: Read de project – Observe – Select aspect you like – Empower the speaker)

(GLOVE: Gestures – Language – Observation – Vocal variety – Enthusiasm)

In closing, we had a great table topic session regarding comics charaters, directed by Mario Mera, and with the participation of new members of the club, that left us with a smile in our mouths, looking forward to the next session of the club next 20th of October.

Hope to see you all there!

Alba Lucía Hincapié

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