Our last session at Sagrada Familia Toastmasters Club was about LEADERSHIP!

The toastmaster of the night Juan Carlos Durán performed an excellent role, showing us his leadership skills.

 Sft 04 mayoSofía Seinfeld, a very new member of the club, delivered her icebreaker speech, in which she told us show she became a citizen of the world after born in Mexico, living in Perú and settled in Spain and applying in her life the things she likes the most from each culture. Her love for music led her to founder an association to promote musical learning in her actual hometown, Barcelona.

Congratulations to the new leader that is waking up in our club!

A cultural shock, and teaching us how to deal with it, was the subject of Dinara kakenova’s second speech.  Dinara, in a very enthusiastic and funny way, spoke about the stages people go through when moving to another country and confronting a culture shock: Honeymoon (exploration and learning, Frustration and anxiety, Feeling homesick to finally end up with the acceptance of everything. She encouraged us to find things to do that make us happy and be patient until one day, suddenly, we feel at home!

Ending the prepared speeches, “let’s talk about time” with Cristina Cohí and her speech #6. Cristina, with great vocal variety (her objective) showed us how we don’t have control over time, how time is limited and relative and gave some tips such as organize our time, enjoy the time when we are giving a speech  and respect the time (yours and other people´s). She left us with a quote to think about: “keep calm & respect time”.

It was a great session full of commitment and leadership from all the participants: speakers, organizers,  the evaluation Team (Alba Lucia Hincapié as general evaluator, María Miguez as Ah-counter, Carolina Wagner as Grammarian and Susana Mayans as time keeper)  and members who showed up to give support to their fellows.

To close the session we had the announcement and presentations of  the new club’s committee,  which will be running from the 1st of July. Please do not forget to attend our next session on the 18th Of May, when the elections will take place. Your vote and support is important to the Club!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Alba Lucia Hincapié

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