A session full of freedom, masterfully led by Alba Lucia as Toastmaster of the day, seasoned with some historical references to freedom such as Jan 1st 1863 with Lincoln´s Emancipation proclamation.

Scarlet Vazquez, was in charge of evaluating the session with the help of her team: Michele Benetta as Ah-Counter, Laura Bonavia as Time-keeper and Abbey Sykes, as Grammarian, who proposed the word of the day «restraint» and gave us at the end a wonderful set of tips for the better use of the English language, a luxury having her with us!

And the speeches: Jaume Adrover, with his icebreaker, originally called «Black Matter», shared with us 20% of who he is (the rest is black matter»), professionally evaluated by Martina Steffens, Sofia, with charm and in a well prepared speech introduced us to Ramadan, and in his warm evaluation Paul Conde invited her to bring even more life to the story…And in third place Berta Cots, in her wonderfull speech «Getting Real» invited us to being ourselves…which our president Sebastian Spada evaluated, pointing out the advantages and inconvenients of having an image behind the speaker.

Last but not least the improvised speeches, organized by Juan Carlos Duran, who shared his experience with us: thanks to those who were brave enough to come on stage!!

A session which we were free to enjoy and we certainly did!!»

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