The theme of the last session, leaded by Víctor Piqué as a Toastmaster, was “Choose again”. Fortunately, we didn’t have to choose because the session was incredible!

The first speaker of the night was Albert Cervelló, who delivered his Ice Breaker, entitled “Persistence”. With his speech, Albert encouraged the audience to dream big and be persistent about it.  Thanks Albert!

The second speaker of the night was Laura Ribas, who also delivered her Ice Breaker. Laura, with her “Pursuit of Hapiness” explained her own story in that research, and she concluded that if we persist and have faith in life dreams come true. Laura, I’m sure that all your dreams will come true and you’ll find the happiness, because you deserve it.

The third speaker of the night was Jordi Mollon, who delivered his final project of the Competent Comunicator manual. Jordi, with his speech named “Reaching the summit”, carried the audience to the top of the Everest, explaining that the most important is not reaching the summit but the growing experience of the journey to achieve it. Great speech Jordi!

The three speeches were, respectively evaluated by Mario Mera, Juan Carlos Durán and Concepción Marín. All of them did a great and constructive evaluation, helping the speakers to improve.

And we arrived to the part of the meeting where everything can happen: the Table Topic Session. That part was leaded by Gemma Pallerola as Table Topic Master, and the theme was according to the theme of the session: “Choose again”. The brave volunteers (or non-volunteers) that jumped into the scenario were Susana Mayans, Joan Pont and Mercedes Basso. Congratulations for your improvisations!

And it wouldn’t had been a great session without the help of the General Evaluator, Alba Lucía Hincapié, and her team, Juan Escobar, Cristina Cohí and Susie Catrona Hunt.

At the end of the session, the President, Alba Lucía Hincapié, gave to the speakers, Albert, Laura and Jordi, their ribbons for achieving the Ice Breaker and the Competent Comunication manual respectively.


Congratulations for all the participants!


We are looking forward to seeing you in our next session (21/12/2015).

See you tomorrow!

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