Today we had a session full of CHANGES, (this was the theme of the day).

Started receiving a warm welcome from our Incoming president Rebeca Calderón.

The Toastmasters of the day Alba Lucia Hincapié, introduced the theme explaining important changes in the world in the last 20 years and made a simile between the stages required for a change to be successful and a Toastmaster session, and continue leading the session through different changes.

The first speaker of the day was Luis Pinto, who made his debut in TM, EXPLORING, it was his Ice breaker, and he told us how he loved exploring the world from his natal Venezuela to his adopted country Spain.

Luis has also stepped in the new committee as our next VPPR.

Making his debut as well as evaluator was Aritz Echave, who showed us his commitment to growing as speaker and evaluator and also with the club as the incoming VPPM.

Our 2nd speaker came from a friend club, PRIDE Toastmasters. Catrine Bergeron shared with us, in her 7th project, how similar are the Catalan and Spanish Language, with the English one. Showing us that it is not necessary to have a chip in our brain in order to learn or improve our English, or Catalan or Spanish, (depending who´s reading this post! 😊)

Evaluating Catrine´s speech was a veteran member of the club Victor Piqué.

And finally with and Educational speech was Juan Carlos Durán taught us how to create the best club climate. Speech # 5 from the advanced manual, “the successful club series” He told us about the importance of the commitment when performing any role in the club, and also as a member always showing enthusiasm, volunteering, offering help to other members, being a mentor, etc. The perfect way to grow as a leader and communicator, while making your club successful.

The table topic session was run by Joan Pont, who invited the brave volunteers to change their actual city to a very different one.  Our brave speakers were, Ramón (his firs session as a member), Catrine, our guest, and Irene, who is joining the club very soon!.

Making their debuts as well we had David Martinez, very new member of the club, as Ah-counter. And Liselotte as grammarian and Joan Alavedra as time-keeper made their debut in the roles.

The technical team was guided by the General Evaluator of the day, Rebeca Calderón.

Finally, the acting president asked for a big applause to Luis Pinto who got the recognition for starting his path as a Competent Communicator and to the new members, David Martinez, Eucleia Ferreira and Ramón Avial. Welcome to the club guys!

Congratulations to you all and we wish a pleasant journey, full of speeches and fun!.

The Toastmasters closed his session inviting us to embrace change and to be the change we want to see in the world.

See you on the 12th of June!.

Alba Lucia Hincapié

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