Do you know what the Titanic, the famous «I have a dream …» speech, and specifically this last Toastmasters session have in common?


  1. Titanic: The ship’s lookouts couldn’t access the binoculars.

We were told that the ship’s binoculars were apparently locked inside a cabinet, but no one could find the keys because one ship officer accidentally forgot to deliver them. The ship’s lookouts, therefore, had to rely on their eyesight alone — one of the many factors believed to have caused the ship’s sinking.

At this last session, we have the pleasure to have a wonderful guest speaker from another club. 5 minutes before the start, when everyone was chatting and testing the sound, video, share screen, etc., She realized that could deliver her presentation. Why? Because she used a special presentation software not compatible with Google Meets.

The session started and we didn’t know what to do, we wanted her to deliver her speech, but technology this time wasn’t on our side. 

The first speaker started, and by the end of her 7 minutes speech our guest improvised a whole new speech about Reinventing yourself, she used what happened as an example that as speakers you have to research your audience and always be prepared to react.

This was an extraordinary example of adaptability, determination, and quick response

  1. «Tell them about the dream, Martin!«

At the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963, the singer Mahalia Jackson performed before King gave his «I Have a Dream» speech. Martin Luther King changed his prepared text for a partly improvised speech on the theme «I have a dream», prompted by Jackson’s cry: «Tell them about the dream, Martin!» «Tell them about the dream”

How impressive and risky it is to make a last-minute change in your speech? It is a challenge indeed, and at the beginning of every Toastmasters session we are given “The Word of the Day”, and all participants are encouraged to include it during their participation.

Memorizing a speech is important but it is also important to be able to adapt it when needed because you never know what could happen


Don’t be afraid to leave your decisions or tasks for the last minute because.

  1. Probably, leaving big tasks to the last minute forces you to focus all your attention and to truly be in the flow with the work.
  2. In some instances, delaying a decision can work to your advantage. Giving yourself time to consider many options, checking in with your gut or trusted advisors, and really getting comfortable with a decision is a great thing.

At Toastmasters you will train how to do quick changes to your plans, to feel comfortable with the unforeseen changes, and to make them an advantage.

Call to action

So, don’t delay your decision and join us in our next meeting

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