The contest is coming…

This month we will have three sessions. And we started February with an important theme: Contest. Alba Lucía Hincapíe, in the Toastmaster role, explained us that participating in a contest is a very rewarding experience, and she encourages us to participate in the club contest that will take place next month. Alba Lucía also prepared a contest for all the participants of the session: better speech, better evaluation and better table topic. Do you want to know who won? I will tell you in good time.


The first speaker of the night was Serrana Zorrilla, who presented us her Ice Breaker, entitled “Serrana’s small world”. She achieved all the objectives of her first project with a well structured, fresh and funny speech. And the most important, she wore a great smile that allowed her to connect easily with the audience. ¡Fantastic Ice Breaker! Congratulations Serrana.

Serrana’s speech was constructively evaluated by Gemma Pallerola.


Robert Koba did the second speech of the night, who presented his second project of the Competent Communicator manual, called “The Perfect Secret”. Robert explained us that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and goals and achievements take times. To achieve them he suggest us to answer the following questions:

  • What am I trying to avoid?
  • What do I want?
  • What is the next simple step that I can take?

Following this simple steps, we will achieve our goals. Robert, it was a nice speech. Thanks for sharing your secret with us.

Victor Piqué evaluated Robert’s speech. It was a difficult task to find tips to improve that speech.


The third speaker of the night was Sofia Seinfeld, who delivered her third project of the Competent Communicator manual. Sofia shared with the audience how to share opinions with an assertive communication. For that, she compared both sides of her favorite superhero: Hulk versus his alter ego, the scientific Bruce Banner. Sofia, it was an original, surprising and very clear way to show us your message. ¡Well done Sofia!

Joana Sanz did a great evaluation of Sofia’s speech.


Andrea Garcia, in the Table Topic Master role, customized the volunteers: Julia Roca (Som-hi), Mario Mera, Tanja Bach and Pau (guest). They had to convince the audience that their custom was the better of the party.


And it was the turn of the technical team: Santanu DasGupta (General Evaluator), Cristina Cohí (Ah-Counter), Concepción Marín (Grammarian) and Susie Catrona Hunt (Timekeeper). In my opinions all their feedbacks were excellent. I specially loved Santanu’s advice about how long must be the eye contact with each single person of the audience.

sesion contest

And the winners of the session special contest were Serrana Zorrilla (Speaker), Gemma Pallerola (Evaluator) and Júlia Roca (Table Topic). The Toastmaster gave a special ribbon to the winners and also gave Serrana her official ribbon for her Ice Breaker.




¿And you? ¿Will you participate in the contest?


See you next 15.2.2016 in the following session.

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