The last session started on time welcoming all the assistants and the guests.

The theme of the session was about Halloween and the Castañada. That’s why the great toastmaster of the session, Jana Stumke, was absolutely terrifying.

Juan Carlos Durán was the General Evaluator of the night. He joined his role with a great technical team formed by Sofia Seinfeld (Timekeeper), Robert Koba (Ah-Counter) and Albert Cervelló (Grammarian). All of them gave excellent and constructive rapports.

The first speech of the night was titled “Intrinsic Motivation”. It was the second project of Oriol Sancho. Oriol explained us the origin of the motivation is inside us, based on autonomy, mastery and purpose.

The evaluation of Oriol was wonderfully made by María Mínguez, who encouraged him to continue working in the same direction.

The second speech of the nigh was the third project of Alba Lucía Hincapié, titled “Being present”. Alba encouraged the audience to be present in the special events. When they have happened is too late to get back. Congratulations Alba!

Alba was evaluated by Jordi Mollón, who emphasized and applauded that her speech appealed to inspire the audience, looking for a personal development of the audience.

Finally, the third speech of the nigh, titled “Looking back to go further?” was presented by Concepción Marín, who shared with us her seventh project. She invited the audience to travel through time until the silk route to discover to the audience the origins of the Ayurveda medicine, “The science of life”. She asked the audience “Why not join all our knowledge to improve health?” and fusion our current medicine with the traditional one.

Concepción was evaluated by Mario Mera, who gave her a great evaluation.

The Table Topic Master of the session was Victor Piqué, and the theme was as terrifying as the session. The braves that got over their own fears and jumped into the scenario were Juan Escobar, Serrana Zorrilla y Susana Iturralde. Congratulations!

Until finishing the Table Topic, Víctor gave his feedback to the brave volunteers, encouraging them to participate again in future opportunities.

Congratulations to all the participants and thanks for that terrifying Halloween-Castañada session.

We are looking forward to see you in our next session!

Gemma Pallerola


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