A magical round of applause…

That’s what our members and guests deserve for such a great session on the 2nd of February.

Starting with the toastmaster of the night Mario Mera, who brought a magical bag, which every time we clap, it got filled with golden coins, leaving us with tons of magical money, even underneath the chairs!

Some of the new members started their path into the leadership roles, we had Dinara as the Grammarian, Maria Minguez as the Ah-counter and Emilio as the time keeper. Congratulations guys!

We had a full house, as usual, with more than 10 guests and started the Session with a educational speech, “The toastmaster educational program”, brilliantly delivered by Iñaki Eguiarte, who made a Toastmasters Salad to teach us that the reward of being a toastmasters member is that WE GROW, WE HELP OTHERS GROW AND HELP OUR COMUNITY – TOASTMASTERS IS ABOUT GROWING. So next time you have a salad remember toastmasters and what step are you “eating” next.

Then we had Agnes Pérez taking us to meet THE SIKHS and their life philosophy, which she learnt when travelling to India. Agnes’ speech number 4 was full of truth, happiness, love and humility as the Sikhs, and we got to new their Best Kept Secret: In loving others is the key to happiness! Now we don’t have excuses!!

And How to Survive a day at Ikea?. As Jordi Mollón said, going to Ikea is like going to Port Aventura, full of fun!. Jordi Spoke with his body, as the CCM project 5 states and we laugh out loud following him through the shop! He suggested us to keep in mind his survival kit when doing some shopping there: Plan, wear comfortable shoes and lots of hydration!. Good advice Jordi.!

Finally came Joan Fabregat, wit his educational session”. His High performance leadership # 1 – “Sharing your vision”. Joan explained us the importance of being a facilitator and leader, remarking all the things he have done and organized in order to give a warm and comfortable welcome to  all the Toastmasters members that are coming to Barcelona this weekend to attend the DECM (District Executive Committee Meeting).

Can you imagine a daisy with no leaves?. No sense! Joan compared the organization of this event with a daisy and he is in charge of the leaves!.

Good luck Joan and we are looking forward to the results of the DECM that he will give us in the next session. Stay tuned!

The table topics session held by José Ramón Martín was very funny and fresh because some of the guests jumped on stage to give their first impromptu speech. Congratulations to Cristina, Sofia and Sergi.

2 enero1 (2) And the louder magical round of applaus went to Cristine R. Twarog when receiving her Competent Leader ribbon and diploma!. Well done Cristine!.

Don’t think twice, come and see us in our next meeting on the 16th of February!

See you soon!

Alba Lucia Hincapié

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