The autumn has already arrived and the topic of the session was “The Beauty of Autumn”. After the opening of the session by our President Mario M. and the introduction made by Mitka P. who was the Toastmasters of the session we started with the first speech. Birgit N gave her first speech, the so called Ice-breaker. With the title of “How not playing football brought me where I am now” Birgit explained us how she was somehow forced to do gymnastics instead of playing football as she had always wanted. That was the way she discovered her passion for physiotherapy her current profession.

The second speech was given by Patrick B., a guest from the Diagonal Mar Toastmasters Club, and it was entitled “A moment of breakthrough”. Patrick shared with us his personal story of overcoming and self-improvement. Despite his initially not very good marks at the comprehensive education, he studied a lot and he ended up being able to enter a Business School, where he graduated. He finally achieved what he wanted and met his target.

Concepción M. was in charge of giving the third speech of the day. “My inside” was her eighth speech of the Competent Communication Manual. Concepción had always been a very rational person. However one day she took a very important decision with her guts, connecting with her feeling and her inside. She could do that with the aid of meditation. She advised us to be present in the present in order to connect with ourselves.

In the Table Topics session guided by Alba Lucía H., three people were given the chance of participating. Adrià, Toni and Esmeralda were able to deploy all their abilities giving three short improvised speeches.

Then the technical team presented their reports. Sofia S. was the General Evaluator, Celeste C. the Timekeeper, Patrick v.d.B. the Ah-counter and Sean P. the Grammarian.

At the end of the session two people were awarded a ribbon of recognition: Birgit N. for having given her Ice-breaker speech and Andrés V. for having achieved half way of the Competent Leadership Manual.




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